Adapting your customers to RGPD has never been easier

Through our assistance software, we automate all the legal processes necessary to adapt your clients to the General Data Protection Regulation. We provide you with legal, technical and commercial support throughout the entire life cycle of your clients' adaptations.

We help you with the legal and technical requirements so you can concentrate on your business.

Main features

Full coverage during the whole cycle of adaptation and maintenance of your clients

Virtual Assistant

Alcatraz RGPD has a help system and video tutorials that will guide the consultant step by step throughout the adaptation and maintenance. Each section will have a training pill about the operation of the software in order to exemplify what we must incorporate in each section.

Entity management

It manages the entities responsible for the processing, and the Third Parties that participate or collaborate with it (Correspondents, Data Processors, Lenders without Access, Assignors, Assignees and Client Companies) that have repercussions in the field of data protection.

Risk analysis

In compliance with the requirements of the GDPR, a risk analysis or Data Protection Impact Assessment (DIA) must be carried out beforehand for the different treatments of personal data that a company may carry out, in those cases where this is the case. Alcatraz GDPR will return as a result when an EIPD will be necessary.

Registry of Processing Activities

Manage the cycle of the files or treatments attending to the ownership of the same one as person in charge or person in charge. To facilitate the management of the consultant Registry of Processing Activities, you will have customizable templates of the most common treatments.

LSSI-CE Management

Generate the necessary documentation to adapt in terms of data protection to the websites of an organization (privacy policies, legal notices and cookie policies). Similarly, if the website carries out electronic commerce, it will generate the conditions of contract and purchase manuals in order to comply with the requirements of the LSSI-CE.

Security violations

Manage the incidents produced in the organization related to the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data in accordance with the notification and management criteria established in the GDPR. It prepares individualized and global reports on them.

Rights of the interested parties

Management and resolution of petitions presented by the interested parties before the person in charge. This module will serve both the person in charge and the consultant as a tool for the management and maintenance of any exercise of rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing or portability).

Documentation and reports

Generate technical, organizational and legal documentation customized to the needs of the entity responsible for processing, according to the data entered in the application (security document, risk analysis, record of activities, clauses and circulars, data access contracts, reports and policies, etc.).

Login for your client

In case the consultant wishes so, Alcatraz RGPD Alcatraz RGPD allows to provide a special access for the final customer where he will only be able to carry out the maintenance corresponding to his activity: management of rights of the interested parties, registrations and cancellations of users, incorporation of security violations, etc.

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IT companies, custom programming or web page design.


Law firms and independent consultants.


Business consultancies, management and labour or tax consultancies.


Security and video surveillance companies.


Marketing agencies and specialists in e-commerce and digital marketing.

Workplace risks

Audit and Workplace Risk Management Companies.


Technology and IT security professionals and companies.


Consultants and independent professionals.


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