Full multi-device protection

Bitdefender protects the privacy of its users, as well as their devices. Our award-winning security technologies protect against all of today's digital threats , from annoying adware to dangerous malware that infiltrates to steal data, intercept online payments, spy on or hijack your information for ransom.

What can we offer you?

  • The best protection against infection.
  • Optimized performance by improving the speed of your computer or device.
  •  Total protection for any device: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • Módulo Anti-spyware module that will keep your files safe.
  • Advanced systems for: webcam protection, parental control and anti-theft.

Our antivirus and security solutions are recognized by independent laboratories, computer experts and more than 500 million satisfied users.

Year after year the market recognizes us through various awards as a security solution with excellent protection and minimal impact on system performance.

Our solutions

Our range of anti-virus is composed of the following modalities:

A product that covers all your security needs

Choose complete protection for all your devices: the ultimate megasuite that goes beyond anti-virus and anti-malware software. Comprehensive multi-device protection from a single account.


The best security against Internet threats on Windows PCs

Choose the best rated Internet security suite protecting your Windows PCs against all online threats - the best protection without affecting your PC's performance!


The best virus protection for Windows PCs

Elija un antivirus liviano que ofrezca protección esencial para su PC con Windows a través de una protección multi-nivel contra ransomware o cualquier otra amenaza malware, spyware o adware.


Full antivirus protection against all Mac threats

Choose the antivirus solution that offers complete protection and maximum speed for your Mac with anti-phishing system and that provides advanced security against malware, spyware, adware threats.


The best protection for your Android smartphone and tablet

Bitdefender Mobile Security offers unbeatable cloud-based malware detection and a smart anti-theft experience for your Android device with virtually no impact on battery life.


Manage your company's protection from a single platform

Bitdefender GravityZone is the ideal solution for companies that want to manage prevention, detection, response and control from a single console:

  •  Next-generation security for endpoints: with more than 30 prevention, detection and response modules.
  • Data center and cloud protection: Protecting virtual servers and desktops in any cloud effectively and consistently
  • Work safety measures: Configure a control and information access system for employees (time and access to web pages, control of compatible devices, etc.)
  • Digital threat control: threat monitoring and response protocols for sophisticated ransomware attacks

Unbeatable protection and performance

Endpoint security rating based on AV-Comparatives scores

Our solutions

Depending on your needs, we have the following types of antivirus:

GravityZone is a business solution that can be installed locally or hosted by Bitdefender. Each of the options below includes multi-layered protection with proven self-learning, advanced heuristics, ransomware defense, powerful anti-exploit, signatures, firewall, and device control.

Bitdefender Gravity Zone
Business Security
Bitdefender Gravity Zone
Advanced Business Security
Bitdefender Gravity Zone
Elite Security
Bitdefender Gravity Zone
Ultra Security
Bitdefender Gravity Zone
Cloud Security for MSPs
Ideal para pequeñas empresas que busquen una seguridad sencilla Recomendado para medianas empresas que busquen una protección completa Recomendado para empresas que buscan una protección enérgica contra las amenazas sofisticadas Recomendado para empresas que buscan una plataforma EDR integrada de última generación para la protección de endpoints que las defienda con precisión de las amenazas digitales sofisticadas Solución para proveedores de servicios administrados para proteger remotamente a todos los clientes con una sola consola, facturación mensual en función del uso e integraciones RMM/PSA
Management options On-premise / Cloud On-premise / Cloud On-premise / Cloud Only in the cloud Only in the cloud
EDR   complement
Endpoint security Endpoint Security SD Endpoint Security SD Endpoint Security HD Endpoint Security XDR Endpoint Security SD
Data Center Security (EVS)        
Mobile Security / MDM  Available only on-premise  Available only on-premise
Bitdefender Security for Exchange       complement
AV with Machine Learning          
Application Control (Whitelisting) Available only on-premise
HyperDetect   complement
Endpoint integrated Sandbox     complement
Visibility of suspicious activity   complement
Process Inspector          
Clean up          
Intelligent centralized analysis       complement
Patch Management complement complement complement complement complement
Full HDD Encryption complement complement complement complement complement
Security for AWS complement complement complement complement complement
Hypervisor Introspection complement
Available only on-premise
Licensing package package package package on demand
Details Covers servers and desktops. Servers must represent less than 30% of total units Covers desktops, servers and mobile devices, as well as Exchange mailboxes. Servers must represent less than 35 % of the total number of units. Covers desktops, servers and mobile devices, as well as Exchange mailboxes. Servers must represent less than 35 % of the total number of units. Covers desktops, servers and Exchange mailboxes. Servers must represent less than 35 % of the total number of units. There is no need for a license key per customer; it is paid at the end of each month, according to usage reports.


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